Craft Cocktails

  • Sazerac $

    Bulleit Rye | Demerara Sugar | Peychauds | Absinthe

  • Lavender Lemon Fizz $

    Bombay Sapphire Gin | Lemon Juice | Lavender Syrup | Dry Lemon Soda

  • Bourbon Smash $

    Four Roses Bourbon | Lemon | Mint | Simple Syrup

  • Arizona Sour $

    Crown Royal Whiskey | Lemon Juice | Simple Syrup | Cabernet

  • Seasonal Sangria $

    Get a glass or a pitcher

  • Bacon Bloody Mary $

    Pepper Infused Vodka | Worcestershire | Olive Juice | Bacon

  • Old Fashioned $

    Richter's Rye | Orange Bitters | Angostura Bitters | Sugar

  • Something Tasty $

    Let our mixologist create something just for you.

  • Sonoran Sunset $

    Kimo Sabe Jove Mezcal | Fresh Lime Juice | Agave Nectar | Hibiscus Orange Curacao | Strawberry | Habanero

  • The Fig & Thyme $

    Ketel One Vodka | Thyme Simple Syrup | Fresh Lime Juice | Dried Fig

  • Spicy Berry Margarita $

    Jalepeno Infused Tequila | Simple Syrup | Strawberry | Lemon and Lime Juice


  • Mango Mule $

    Mango Vodka | Ginger Beer | Lime Juice

  • Moscow Mule $

    Reyka Vodka | Ginger Beer | Lime Juice

  • Texas Mule $

    Deep Eddy's Grapefruit Vodka | Mint | Ginger Beer | Lime Juice

  • Cucumber Mule $

    Reyka Vodka | Muddled Cucumber | Ginger Beer | Lime Juice


  • La Clandestine Absinthe $

    Since 2005, Claude-Alain's absinthe has become popular with absinthe lovers in Europe, North America and Asia. As it comes to the USA through more normal channels of distribution,

  • NV Absinthe $

    NV Absinthe

  • Kubler Absinthe $

    Kubler Absinthe

  • St. George 200ml Absinthe $

    St. George 200ml Absinthe

  • La Fee Absinthe $


  • Absinthe Mojito $

    Absinthe + Fresh Lime Juice, Mint +Lemon Soda

  • Death In The Afternoon $

    Absinthe + Champagne


  • Jameson $

    Jameson Original is a blend of pot still and fine grain whiskeys that is as versatile as it is smooth. Triple-distilled and aged for a minimum of 4 years, this is the timeless whis

  • Tullamore D.E.W. $

    Triple distilled and patiently aged in a combination of ex-bourbon and sherry casks, this original blended Irish whiskey is known the world over for its smooth and gentle complexit

  • High West Double Rye $

    With a taste profile of cinnamon, clove, anise, eucalyptus buttons, evergreen “gin-like” flavors and a vibrant finish, Double Rye! is absolutely superb for sipping alone or sha

  • Yamazaki 12 Year $

    Succulent with soft fruit

  • No.4 Westchester Rye Whiskey $

    Carefully fermented and distilled to capture the essence of the grain, then aged in charred new American oak to add nuance and complexity. The result is a bold, complex spirit that

  • Crown Royal Black $

    Crown Royal Black is a rich and flavorful blend of Canadian whisky. All the signature smoothness of Crown Royal, matured in charred oak barrels and blended at a higher proof for a

  • Bastille 1789 $

    Bright orange amber color. Intriguing aromas of orange marmalade, dried apricot, spice cake, pineapple blossoms and suede with a vibrant, dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body and a l


  • Wild Turkey Honey $

    Medium straw in color, the nose is floral with hints of honey. The body is big and syrupy in the finish

  • Bulleit Whiskey $

    Aged in white oak barrels that are charred to the maximum before being filled. This whiskey is made with 95% rye and is a copper color with slight green patina.

  • Jim Bean Devil’s Cut $

    Unleash the bold spirit of Jim Beam® Devil’s Cut®, a premium bourbon with depth and complexity that comes from liquid extracted from inside the barrel wood

  • Wild Turkey 101 $

    Aged in oak barrels for a full-bodied, smooth & mellow taste that is known over the world

  • Knob Creek $

    This hand bottled, 9 year old, 100 proof bourbon is smooth with strong herbal aromas. Distinctive sweetness and rich, full bodied flavor.

  • Four Roses Yellow Label $

    Very popular bourbon, aged a minimum of five years in oak barrels for extra smoothness and carefully blended for a consistently smooth, creamy flavor

  • Ridgemont 1792 $

    Commemorates the year Kentucky became our 15th state. Handcrafted, 8-year old, small batch bourbon. Rich and velvety, it's aged in new charred oak barrels.

  • Weller Reserve 90 $

    The Original Wheated Bourbon Whiskey features an exceptionally smooth taste, substituting wheat for rye grain. Bottled at 90 proof, this bourbon stands out with its burnt orange co

  • Cave Creek Bourbon $

    Produced from select small batch barrels then blended with pure artesian mineral water from Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona, Arizona. The result is a smooth balanced Bourbon

  • IW Harper $

    Short ride of caramel, spice, fruit and a bit of astringency

  • Buffalo Trace $

    Deep amber color; elegant aromas of buttery caramel, toasted nuts, and brown spices; silky, supple entry; honeyed toasted cornbread toast, intense brown spices.

  • Pappy Van Winkle 10 year $

    The 10-year aging period in 100% new oak imparts strong vanilla and toasted wood flavors to each sip

  • Barterhouse $

    The finish on this one is long and lingers nicely with a warm surge when you want it most

  • Blantons Bourbon 93 $

    Blanton’s Single Barrel has a nose of caramel and orange. The flavor is full-bodied with a hint of cloves and the burnt sweetness of caramel and orange

  • Russell’s Reserve $

    Aromas of caramel buttercream, varnished cedar, dried fruits, brown spice and corn cake; cola, sassafras, orange tea, turmeric, saffron and peppery spice finish

  • Angel’s Envy Rye $

    Our barrels began as small-batch French cognac barrels, which were then used to age and finish rum. Angel's Envy Rye Whiskey spends up to 18 months finishing in these casks

  • Basil Hayden $

    Made with corn, rye, and barley and enhanced by a hint of peppermint, it has a mellow taste and a dry, brief finish. A lighter bodied bourbon

  • Eagle Rare $

    Slight oak and candied almonds, sweet oaky nose

  • Copper City $

    The first and only Bourbon to be handcrafted in Arizona! The mash consists of corn, rye and barely; aged four years in white oak. Tones of caramel and vanilla with a little spice


  • Dalwhinie 15 Year $

    Hints of sweet peat in the nose followed by rich, round, smoky flavors in the finish. When chilled, pairs extremely well with desserts.

  • Glenmorangie Nectar D’or $

    It is here, in hand selected wine barriques from Sauternes: the most famous and ancient sweet wine growing region of France, that this whisky develops its rich, spicy and dessert-l

  • Lagavulin Distillers Edition $

    Lagavulin Distillers Edition Single Malt Scotch has an aroma of intense raisins, prunes and smoke. The initial notes are surprisingly sweet, with subtle hints of caramel, vanilla a

  • Balvenie 14 Caribean Cask $

    An exceptional single malt whisky with the traditional smooth, honeyed character of The Balvenie, married with notes of toffee and a hint of fruit, with a warm, lingering finish.

  • Johnny Walker Green $

    Crafted from a palette of Speyside, Highland, Lowland and Island malts and matured for at least 15 years, it delivers all the character of a single malt whisky, but with a greater

  • Johnny Walker Black $

    Johnnie Walker Black Label has an unmistakably smooth, deep, complex character. An impressive Blended Scotch Whisky to share on any occasion, whether you're entertaining at home wi

  • Talisker Storm $

    Talisker Storm is a new no age statement whisky released at the beginning of 2013. It offers up plenty of distillery character alongside some smokier depth and complexity.

  • MaCallan 12 Year $

    Macallan 12 Yr Old has hints of sweet cream and vanilla due to aging in used sherry casks from Spain

  • MaCallan Fine Oak 10 Year $

    Pale golden yellow color is pure and clean, the initial aroma reveal supple, buttery, and piney aromas. The palate entry is honey sweet and silky.

  • Oban 14 Year $

    Rich smoky flavors with hints of oak in the finish. Pairs well with the richness of buttered tagliatelle.

  • Bunnahabhain 12 Year $

    The nose offering a fresh and aromatic experience with a subtle whiff of smoke floating through the air. The taste starts with a light fruit and nut appeal that leads to a spectacu

  • Glennfiddich 12 Year $

    Carefully matured in the finest American oak and European oak sherry casks for at least 12 years, it is mellowed in oak marrying tuns to create its sweet and subtle oak flavors

  • Tobermorey 10 Year $

    Matured for 10 years in ex-bourbon casks, the slight peat influence of our water gives a unique character to the smooth notes of fruit and spice

  • Monkey Shoulder $

    Monkey Shoulder Scotch is beautifully sweet with a rich vanilla flavor. Brown sugar and creamy toffee balanced with oak notes and just a hint of spice

  • Dewars White Label $

    A swirl of honey, with a sprig of Scottish heather. Rich, golden and warm. Clean, fresh vanilla, with a slice of pear. Soft, fruity and well-rounded

  • Balvenie 12 Year $

    A smooth and mellow single malt with beautifully combined flavors of nutty sweetness, cinnamon spiceness and layer of sherry. The finish is long and smooth.


  • San Tan Mr. Pineapple $

    Pineapple Wheat 5%

  • Dragoon Santa Cruz’r $

    Pale Ale 4.9%

  • V. Beauregarde Blueberry Sour $

    Sour Ale 4.3%

  • Alaskan Amber $

    Alt-Style Ale 5.3%

  • Angry Orchard $

    Cider 5%

  • Peroni $

    Euro Pale Lager 5.1%

  • Koffee Kolsch $

    Kolsch | Huss Brewery 4.7%

  • Blue Moon $

    Wheat Ale 5.4%

  • Citrus Mistress IPA $

    American IPA 6.3%

  • Coors Light $

    American-Style Light Lager 4.2%

  • Orange Blossom $

    Wheat | Papago Brewery 5%

  • Sun Spot $

    Pilsner | San Tan 5.1%

  • Guinness $

    Stout 4.2%

  • Bells Two Hearted $

    IPA | Bells Brewery 7%

White Wine

  • Guilhem – Rose $

    Aromas of fresh picked strawberries and crushed red fruits – raspberries and cherries – get a lift from floral accents and a hint of citrus rind. In the mouth, it’s bright a

  • Borne – Rose $

    100% Pinot Noir, Sustainable Bright, salmon pink, the nose exhibits loads of raspberries, a little melon rind and bubble gum. The palate is vibrant with racy acidity but also has

  • Poquito – Moscato $

    Color: Pale straw Nose: Intense and enticing aromas of ripe peach and grapes with delicate floral notes Palate: Sweet with fresh fruit and honeyed flavors Finish: Pleasing and s

  • Hooked – Riesling $

    Nahe - Germany 10 | 38 100% Riesling Grown in the Nahe region of Germany. Hooked Riesling shows a classic Nahe profile, it is very racy and sleek. There are notes of mineral, gre

  • La Playa – Sauvignon Blanc $

    A delicate pale gold. On the nose, aromas of lemon, fresh pineapple with hints of lavender. It is a bright well balanced wine with a clean minerality on the finish

  • Fernlands – Sauvignon Blanc $

    This refreshing wine offers notes of lime, citrus, green apple, bell pepper, grass and a hint of sweetness

  • Rockbrook – Pinot Grigio $

    Notes of peach, mango, citrus and green apple. On the palate, medium-bodied and fresh. The well-balanced acidity leads to a crisp finish of floral notes.

  • Vigneti Del Sole – Pinot Grigio $

    This popular Italian white has crisp acidity and a nose of lemons, green apples and almonds. With no oak, the wine shows the best of the Pinot Grigio varietal flavors. The wine is

  • Vista Point – Chardonnay $

    Light and fruity with a touch of oak

  • A by Acacia – Chardonnay $

    A by Acacia is a delicious style of Chardonnay with hints of white peach, subtle pineapple and citrus blossom. This medium to full-bodied Chardonnay has terrific acidity and a long

Red Wine

  • Gen5 – Zinfandel $

    87% Zinfandel; 7% Tannat, 5% Petite Sirah, 1% other varietals We strive for a Lodi Zin with lush and juicy black and blue berries and a note of spice and licorice, with a lush mou

  • Chateau La Paws – Red Blend $

    There are some things that just make life better – namely dogs, with wine being a close second. Our Chateau La Paws Red Blend celebrates this with a medium-bodied red wine that i

  • Bodini – Malbec $

    Fruit and spice on the palate balanced by notes of fresh fruits like plums and blackberries. It is ripe in the mouth with soft, round tannins and a long finish.

  • Renzo Masi – Chianti $

    A mix of smoky tobacco, cherry, cedar spice and bitter almond marks this complex and appealing red. The light-grained tannins bolster the long finish.

  • Vista Point – Merlot $


  • Vista Point – Cabernet $

    Plesant cherry & berry flavors with oaky vanilla on the finish

  • Simple Life – Cabernet $

    The Simple Life Cabernet Sauvignon is a pure, easy drinking style of Cabernet. It offers bright fruit flavors, a soft palate with smooth texture and very fine tannins. This blend i

  • Deloach – Pinot Noir $

    Bringing together the best fruit from our Marin County growing partners, this enchanting Pinot Noir opens with enticing red berry aromas with hints of dark cherry and vanilla. On t

  • Rockbrook – Pinot Noir $

    This Pinot, showcases mature varietal aromas of candied cherry and hints of vanilla. Flavors of black cherry and dried cranberry fruit is complemented by subtle notes of orange. Th

  • Chateau Blouin – Bordeaux $

    The dominant Merlot grape gives this wine bright red fruits and brilliant ruby color. Hints of chocolate, earth, menthol are harmoniously combined with dark cherry, cassis and pepp